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May, 18 2019

So many big and little decisions go into being a parent. Often you don’t even think about most of them unless a disagreement occurs. Or you start going through the process of separating, and now you both are feeling more adversarial than you may have before the problems in the marriage became too much to bear. Then, it can make every little thing that wouldn’t have been much of an issue before into a battleground. Vaccines are making headlines every day. There are stories about how vaccine rates have dropped in some areas leading to resurgences of diseases thought eradicated. There are stories about children and parents disagreeing about whether to vaccinate or not. It’s no stretch of the imagination to believe that you may need to consider your children’s vaccinations in parenting plans.

How to Incorporate Children’s Vaccinations in Parenting Plans?

A parenting plan acts as a blueprint for both parents to follow after a divorce. It’s a great way to keep everyone on the same page to minimize the amount of instability that a child experiences after a divorce. You can incorporate your wishes when it comes to your children’s vaccinations in parenting plans. Parents that are in agreement when it comes to vaccinations may still want to have this listed as part of their parenting plan. Taking this step means that this decision is reached and is now included in writing. Differing opinions, later on, may make this an essential part of the parenting plan.

Handling Differing Opinions When It Pertains to Medical Decisions for Your Children?

The problem that can often happen during or after a divorce is when each parent has their own ideas on how they should raise their children afterward. It can be hard to handle their differing opinions on something as simple as an allowance, let alone something as complicated as medical decisions. Tensions can flare when discussing something as divisive as vaccinations. There are those that believe that the vaccines are dangerous or want to administer vaccines slowly. There are others that think that vaccines should be given based on the schedule set by the pediatrician. These differing of opinions can lead to fireworks that often have a hard time being resolved when the two parties are so passionate about what they believe is best for their child.

When Do Courts Intervene?

The courts can be used to intervene when there is doesn’t seem to be any possibility that the parents are going to be able to come to an agreement on their children’s vaccinations in parenting plans. It may end up being necessary for the courts to become involved in the creation of the parenting plans that are followed. Often, this process will go through mediation, where the parents are brought together to come up with a parenting plan together rather than having the court make a final order. Mediation allows for both parents to have their wishes and particular choices known when it comes to the child, and then working with the mediators to find a solution that allows everyone involved to get something that they want out of the process.

Tips to Help You Come to an Agreement on Medical Decisions

It can be challenging to come to an agreement on medical decisions, especially when it involves your children. It could be scary to make these decisions when you and your ex were a team, but after a break-up, the fear factor can be amplified. Here are some tips to help you come to an agreement on medical decisions:

  • Try to speak to each other calmly and logically about your side of the matter. You may find that you have the same reservations and concerns.
  • Talk to your pediatrician. Your pediatrician is an excellent source of information on the best way to move forward with your child’s care. They are in the perfect position to answer any questions either of you may have about vaccines, vaccine schedules, or other health issues. They can help you with any concerns you may have about immunizations.
  • Get in touch with a legal representative if you both are deadlocked in making these decisions.  

Do You Need a Legal Representative?

A legal representative can be a beneficial sounding board to have in your corner when you’re dealing with a differing of opinion when it comes to your children’s vaccinations in parenting plans. They can help you to go to the table with your ex to determine the best way to accomplish what’s ideal for the children involved. Sometimes, it can take a party separate from the marriage to come up with suggestions on how to come to an agreement or at least compromise on the differences. A legal professional can also be there for you in case the disagreement on the vaccination portion of the parenting plan ends up being a matter for the courts to decide.

Are you in a disagreement over your children’s vaccinations in parenting plans or worry that it may come to be an issue later on? An experienced Stockton family law lawyer will be essential in helping you to settle on the best terms for your children. Contact Bansmer Law today to discuss your parenting plan problem. Let’s help you to determine the best path to assist you in having your wishes for your child’s medical decisions taken into consideration.

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