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Stockton Minor’s Counsel Attorney

Bansmer Law is pleased to add Minor’s Counsel to our available services. The minor’s counsel is appointed to find out from the child what their preferences are and what is in their best interest in a child custody case. As minors are most times not allowed to speak to a judge or have a direct say in what happens in a child custody case, the minor’s counsel allows for the child’s voice to be heard and taken into consideration.

The minor’s counsel is appointed by the judge, this prevents biases towards parents being formed. It is important to remember that the minor’s counsel only represents the child and in no form or capacity do they represent the parents. Minor counsel’s fees are paid for by one parent, both parents or sometimes even the county.

Stockton Family Court

  • The Stockton Family Court is a division of the Superior Court Of California.
  • The purpose of Stockton Family Court is to settle all matters pertaining to family law, such as dissolutions, custody battles, financial issues, division of property.
  • Family Court services also includes an orientation program for parents to help prepare them for mediation.