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Great Advice for Blended Families
Aug, 28 2014


Blending new families after a divorce takes thought and preparation. The emotions of everyone involved, specifically children, are still very sensitive and sometimes unstable. As the new parental presence entering the family unit, one must be patient and consistent. In this article a stepmother shares her journey of creating a connection with her stepchildren and how you can do the same.

“There is no instruction manual for being a stepparent, but you do have to take things slow,” she told us. “Rather than forcing a relationship or being over the top with my stepdaughter, I forced myself to let our relationship evolve naturally. After all, this was new to everyone. ”

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Stockton Family Court

  • The Stockton Family Court is a division of the Superior Court Of California.
  • The main responsibility of the Stockton Family Court is to settle matters pertaining to Child Custody.
  • Family Court services also include an orientation program for parents and modifying existing child custody agreements.