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Top Stockton DUI Attorney – 3 Reasons You Need One
Sep, 26 2016

3 Reasons You Require a Top Stockton DUI Attorney

Top Stockton DUI AttorneyIf you have recently been arrested for a DUI you are probably eager to put the experience behind you. But don’t make the mistake of automatically agreeing to everything presented to you. You have legal rights, and there are a number of ways that your DUI charge can end up affecting you. Consider three important reasons that a Top Stockton DUI attorney is essential:

You Need an Expert on Your Side

DUI law is complicated to put it mildly. The police and prosecutor may have told you that your case is straightforward, but if you don’t have experience with California DUI law you can’t trust that assessment. A Top Stockton DUI attorney will serve as your adviser and advocate through every step in the process. That way you can be certain that you’re being treated fairly.

You Want to Avoid the Worst Consequences

A DUI is a major charge. And if you have been charged with one in the past, the consequences only multiply. You may face time in prison, be forced to pay a hefty fine, and loose the freedom to drive. There is also the stigma that comes from a DUI charge to consider. A Top Stockton DUI attorney will fight for your rights and represent your interests. That gives you a much better chance or receiving the minimum required punishment rather than the maximum.

You are Trying to Mount the Best Defense

A Top Stockton DUI attorney knows way to challenge the validity of your DUI charge. They may be able to get important pieces of evidence thrown out like field sobriety test results. Your goal going into court is to mount the very best defense that you possibly can. Unfortunately, that is almost impossible to do on your own. The smarter strategy is to partner with a Top Stockton DUI attorney immediately after you are arrested.

A DUI does not have to wreck your finances or restrict your freedoms. But you should never rely on your own legal abilities or the mercy of the court. Get the representation you require by calling Top Stockton DUI attorney Erica M. Bansmer at 209-474-2400.

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