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Stockton Theft Attorney
Stockton Theft Attorney
Jan, 18 2017

Getting arrested in California is never an easy thing, but getting charged with theft can be devastating. Depending on the level of theft committed, you may be charged with a felony! For this reason, you will need to contact Erica Bansmer, Esq., an experienced Stockton theft attorney, the minute you’ve been arrested.No matter the level of crime that you have committed, a trusted Stockton theft attorney like Erica Bansmer, Esq., will fight for your rights and get you the justice you deserve.

When do you need to hire a Stockton theft attorney like Erica Bansmer, Esq.?

A Stockton theft attorney like Erica Bansmer, Esq., can help you through a wide variety of situations, but she can most especially come in handy when you’re charged with a felony-level crime of theft.

What does a felony-level theft charge entail?

In California, a felony-level theft charge is called grand theft and refers to the monetary value of what was allegedly taken. When the personal property, cash, real property, or the value of services taken totals more than $950, prosecutors are more likely to charge you with a crime of grand theft. If you’re convicted of grand theft, punishment consists of a jail sentence that could range anywhere from 6 months to three years.

If you’ve been convicted of theft before, or if the property you took consisted of a firearm, you could be looking at stricter penalties, which includes more jail time and getting state prison time rather than county jail time. For this reason, it is imperative to hire a trusted Stockton theft attorney like Erica Bansmer, Esq., to handle your case the minute you’ve been arrested.

No matter how serious the charges levied against you will be, Erica Bansmer, Esq., is the Stockton theft attorney you can trust to get you the results you deserve. While past results do not guarantee future success, Erica Bansmer, Esq., has earned the reputation of being a trusted advocate for her clients’ rights. For more information on how Erica Bansmer, Esq., can help you with your theft matter, contact us today, and find out for yourself why she’s the Stockton theft attorney you can believe in!

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  • The Stockton Family Court is a division of the Superior Court Of California.
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