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Stockton Expungement Lawyer

Stockton Expungement LawyerWere you convicted of a crime?  Criminal convictions are public information available to employers, apartment complexes, and professional agencies.  If you were convicted of a crime, you might need a Stockton Expungement Lawyer.  Misdemeanors and felonies can be expunged, meaning that your charges get dismissed.  You will no longer have a conviction on your record.

California Expungement Eligibility

A Stockton expungement lawyer can get many convictions expunged. To qualify, you must satisfy these requirements:

  • Finished probation
  • Paid all fines and fees
  • Completed any mandated programs
  • Completed any court ordered community service
  • Are not facing any pending charges
  • Did not spend time in a state prison

The following crimes are NOT eligible for expungement:

  • Sodomy with a child
  • Lewd acts with a child
  • Oral Copulation with a child
  • Statutory Rape
  • Child Pornography

If you violated your probation it is harder to get the conviction expunged, but not impossible.  During a free consultation, Stockton Expungement Lawyer Erica M. Bansmer can evaluate your particular case.

Benefits of Expungement

After being convicted of a crime, life becomes more difficult.  Many people are left trying to rebuild their life while facing constant discrimination.  The hardest part of rebuilding is usually finding suitable employment.  A Stockton expungement lawyer can help you get your charges dismissed, so you can finally get your life back in order.

Here are some of the ways expungement can help you:

  • Getting Hired:  Once your Stockton expungement lawyer successfully gets your conviction dismissed, you no longer have a conviction.  In fact, it is against California law for an employer to hold an expungement against you or even inquire about it during an interview.
  • State Licensing:  Many professional licenses exclude people with criminal convictions.  However, many state licenses are once again available to you after expungement
  • Professional Organizations:  Many professional associations will not except members with criminal convictions.  Even if you are allowed to join, the conviction can keep you from obtaining an elected or appointed role within the organization.   Having your named cleared will allow you to enter and move up within these organizations

Obtaining a Stockton expungement lawyer can help you rebuild your life and advance in your career.

Free Consultation

Do you want to clear your name and restore your reputation?  Attorney Erica M. Bansmer can help.  She is available for free consultations at 209-474-2400.  Call now so Erica can help you get your conviction expunged.

Stockton Family Court

  • The Stockton Family Court is a division of the Superior Court Of California.
  • The purpose of Stockton Family Court is to settle all matters pertaining to family law, such as dissolutions, custody battles, financial issues, division of property.
  • Family Court services also includes an orientation program for parents to help prepare them for mediation.