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Stockton DUI Defense Attorney
Jun, 22 2016

Stockton DUI Defense attorney: Should You Hire One?

The penalties for even a first time DUI offense, even if there are no bodily injuries, are sever and quite possible life altering.  If you don’t think you need a Stockton DUI defense attorney just remember that the state of California will have plenty of attorneys on their side, ready to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

Penalties For A First Offense

Stockton DUI Defense Attorney

  • The fine for a DUI may only be $390.00.  However, that does not include the ordinary penalty assessments and the special DUI penalty assessments which will bring your fine up to approximately $1,800.00,
  • 48 hours in jail or a 90 day license restriction only allowing you to drive to and from work and an alcoholic treatment center.  In either case, the DMV imposes a four month suspension or a 30 day suspension followed by a five month restriction, and
  • You must attend and complete a minimum of a three month alcohol treatment program with a minimum charge of $500.00.

A Stockton DUI defense attorney can help you avoid the maximum penalty for a first offense of fines and assessments totaling $3,600.00, your car impounded, 6 months in jail, a six month license suspension, and require you to have an interlock breath devise that will not allow your vehicle to start if there is any alcohol on your breath.

Advantages To Hiring A Stockton DUI Defense Attorney

There are many advantages to hiring a Stockton DUI defense attorney rather than going it alone in court or counting on a court-appointed lawyer who probably does not have our experience,

  • First and foremost, to make every attempt to get the charges dropped or reduced,
  • We are familiar with the local court system and can explain it to you,
  • We understand the details involved in plea bargaining and how to make it work to your advantage,
  • We have the ability and knowledge to navigate through the, often complicated, administrative system of the courts,
  • If the need arises we can help you with sentence bargaining to help obtain a lesser sentence.

Should you hire a Stockton DUI defense attorney?  The decision is yours, but with so much at risk can you afford not to? If you would like to schedule a consultation with our Stockton DUI defense attorney contact us today for a consultation at 209-474-2400.

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