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Benefits of a Stockton Domestic Assault Lawyer
Oct, 17 2015

Domestic Assault Overview

When people think of domestic abuse, a lot of them would prefer to look the other way. Unfortunately for victims of domestic violence looking away is the last thing that they need. When someone is charged with criminal spousal abuse, they are usually met with different charges. The two main charges are spousal battery and corporal injury to a spouse. Both charges are serious and can have lasting effects on your record. Fortunately Stockton domestic assault lawyer’s work every day to make sure that the victims and the accused are both represented.

For Victims

If you are a victim of Domestic Abuse, a Stockton domestic assault lawyer can be of great benefit. These types of attorneys are familiar spousal battery and have strategies to help you. Using devices like restraining orders or orders of protection can keep your abuser separated from you. They can also provide you with the tools necessary to protect yourself if you decide to divorce.

For The Accused

If you have been accused of domestic assault, a Stockton domestic assault lawyer is just what you need. Trying to defeat a charge like this by yourself can be damaging to your career and your family. Having someone to defend you and walk you through the charges and penalties you may face is very helpful. Stockton domestic assault lawyer’s will be able to identify the best defenses for corporal injury to a spouse, spousal battery, and criminal spouse abuse which are the three most common domestic assault charges.

Hiring A Stockton Domestic Assault Lawyer

The Law Office of Erica M. Bansmer specializes in domestic abuse and family law. Stockton Domestic Assault Lawyer Bansmer promises to fight for you and your family. She will get you the results you deserve today. Our office is available for Consultations at 209-474-2400 feel free to call us now or use the contact form on the page.

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