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Choosing the Right Stockton Bankruptcy Attorney
Jun, 12 2015

Stockton Bankruptcy
Dealing with bankruptcy is difficult enough. The right Stockton Bankruptcy Attorney can assist you in these complex financial matters. Bankruptcy can be an arduous process with overwhelming paperwork and legal matters that must be attended. In our experience, we have found that once a client has reached the decision to file bankruptcy they are already overwhelmed by the stress and frustration of their financial conditions. We understand those frustrations and provide our services to help you through the process.

Our bankruptcy program offers relief from overwhelming financial burdens and stress. We don’t dish out cookie cutter solutions. We strategize to develop custom advice for your specific circumstance. Ignoring the issue will only cause the weight of the problem to grow. Don’t let your family become inundated with financial pressure. We’ll help you find a reasonable solution and get back on track for your future.

Experienced Stockton Bankruptcy Attorney

The guidelines for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings are commonly confused. Our bankruptcy professionals will explain the guidelines for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings. Attorney Bansmer conducts consultations to help you better understand your financial position and legal options. If you’re considering a Stockton bankruptcy, you need an experienced bankruptcy lawyer by your side to ensure that your best interests are being prioritized throughout the proceedings.

The History of Stockton Bankruptcy

The city of Stockton itself has found itself hard-pressed financially and forced to utilize bankruptcy for relief. In the spring of 2012, Stockton entered bankruptcy mediation. This decision was one of the largest cases of bankruptcy in the United States. As a result of a collapsing financial and housing market, inflated compensations, and an unwise bond offering the economic standing of Stockton fell into a very difficult place. There are several instances of this happening across the country in other municipals with similar stories. If proper bankruptcy mediation can work for our entire city’s overwhelming financial challenges, it can certainly work for you. The Stockton bankruptcy dilemma was a huge setback for the city and the state. Your financial difficulties do not have to be overwhelming or seem impossible to rectify. Our experienced Stockton bankruptcy team can leverage their know-how to provide you with the best options for your specific legal matters.

Common Bankruptcy Myths

With so many flawed perspectives on bankruptcy floating around it can be difficult to separate the fact from the fiction. The key is to gather your information and advice from a credible source, credible source being defined as an experienced bankruptcy attorney or specialist. Gathering your information from reliable sources can save you a lot of money and a lot of headaches. Here are a few of the most common bankruptcy myths we’ve heard.

Filing for bankruptcy will permanently destroy your credit.
Filing for bankruptcy does not permanently destroy your credit. As a matter of fact, shortly after filing, it’s very common for secured credit card offers to begin appearing in your mail box. Using a secure credit card and making the payments in a stringent timely routine is a great way to begin rebuilding. Sometimes qualifying for a mortgage or large loan is possible within just a few years of filing for bankruptcy. The most important task is ensuring that the discharged debts are properly filed and categorized in your credit report after the bankruptcy proceedings are complete.

All debts are dismissed after filing for bankruptcy.
This is probably one of the most popular misconceptions of bankruptcy we’ve come across while helping clients through this process. All debts cannot be discharged with a bankruptcy filing. Some debts do not fall under the umbrella of dismissal. For example, criminal restitution, domestic support obligations and student loans filed under Chapter 13 cannot be discharged.

Ultimately filing for bankruptcy can relieve the anxiety of weighty financial obligations. Bankruptcy programs can help end or reverse foreclosures, debt collections, creditor harassment and more. You don’t have to be a victim of financial pressures. Let our bankruptcy professionals help you find the right solution for your situation. If you are facing mounting financial obligations and need help navigating your way through the process contact our office. Call (209)474-2400 to speak with Stockton Bankruptcy Attorney Erica Bansmer. Call today for your consultation.

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