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Jul, 14 2016

Stockton DUI Lawyer
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Simple activities you think you’re capable of accomplishing while alcohol has altered your mind can quickly become extremely dangerous for yourself and everyone around you. This especially pertains to driving while intoxicated.

When we consume an excessive amount of any kind of alcohol, we for some reason start believing we’re invincible and nothing could ever possibly go wrong. Unfortunately, we are not invincible because thousands of us fall victim and parish every single year due to a legal poison so many of us willingly purchase to consume.

According to a tweet from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), ‘IN 2014, 9,967 PEOPLE DIED IN DRUNK DRIVING CRASHES – ONE EVERY 53 MINUTES – AND 290,000 WERE INJURED IN DRUNK DRIVING CRASHES. 

This is totally unacceptable considering these deaths could have all been avoided had the drivers taken the responsible and necessary steps to protect their lives, or more importantly the lives of the innocent civilians they take away from the families and friends who love them dearly.

Designating Drivers Saves Lives

Stockton DUI Lawyer
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When consuming a large quantity of booze, one of the most responsible actions you can take is to designate a sober driver BEFORE alcohol even touches your tongue. Having a set plan for the evening before you start drinking makes it far more likely that you’ll follow through with said plan, even more so if your friends hear you say it aloud. They’ll be more likely to call you out on what you’ve said and you’ll be more inclined to listen to them if you’re reminded in your drunken stupor of what you’d previously said. A good friend will make sure you stick to your word, because they understand you’re not always thinking with clarity when adult beverages enter the mix.

Portable Breathalyzers Save Lives

Stockton DUI Lawyer
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Portable breathalyzers are one of the best and most accurate ways to test your BAC (blood alcohol content) before deciding whether or not it’s a good idea to put those key into the ignition. This inexpensive device can ensure that your fun night doesn’t evolve into a nightmarish one as the result of a OVI, or even worse, due to a death caused by actions you don’t even recall taking place.

Blacking out can be one of the most compromising effects from overconsumption of alcohol, so knowing an accurate reading of your BAC level becomes crucial in keeping everyone safe. If a true friend sees that you’ve blown well above the legal limit of .08%, they’ll undoubtedly guarantee that you don’t partake in anything which could put you – or anyone else – in harm’s way.

Uber and Cab Services Save Lives

Stockton DUI Lawyer
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When all else fails, one of the most responsible things you can do is call for a cab or use UBER’s driving servicewhen you’ve had one too many drinks while partaking in social drinking. There’s a big difference between “feeling okay to drive” and “being okay to drive”. A taxi cab or UBER driver will ensure you get home safely every time. It very well may be the most responsible decisions you make when it comes to saving lives after drinking in excess.

This guest post was written by Curtis Boyd for Erica M. Bansmer Attorney at Law

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