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DUI Lawyer in Stockton – Holiday Drinking and Driving
Dec, 06 2016

DUI Lawyer For The Holiday Season

DUI LawyerAs we enter into the peak of the holiday season, the likelihood of being around alcohol gets higher and higher, and with the opportunity to drink rising so does the chance to get a DUI. Certainly, when you go to your office Christmas party, you do not plan to drink too much and get arrested on the way home, but if you do get charged with a DUI in Stockton do you know who you should call? The Law Office of DUI Lawyer Erica Bansmer has been handling these types of cases for over a decade and is prepared to assist you, especially during the holiday season.

What Happens When You Get A DUI in California?

In California, the punishment for driving under the influence depends on whether or not you have received a DUI conviction in the past. In any case, the most important thing you can do if you are arrested for a DUI is contact a DUI Lawyer. Contacting a Stockton DUI Attorney can prevent you from:

  • Spending Time In Jail
  • Increased Car Insurance
  • Mandatory Alcohol Class
  • Thousands Of Dollars In Fines
  • Other Harsh Penalties
  • Another fact to keep in mind is that with a Stockton DUI Attorney on your side is that you have a much better chance of winning your case. When you meet with your Stockton DUI Lawyer you will be able to go over your entire situation including:

    • What You Did When You Were Arrested
    • Whether or not there was sufficient reason to pull you over
    • Who was driving the car
    • What your BAC was when you were arrested
    • Whether or not you are likely to win or lose your case.

    At the Law Office of DUI Lawyer Erica Bansmer, we have many years of experience dealing with DUI cases. Even if you think that you are going to lose your case, or you were too drunk, you should contact our office to discuss your case. In many cases, the police make errors in the arrest process for DUI situations and exploiting these errors can cause your case to be dismissed.

    This holiday season if you get arrested for a DUI remember the Law Office of DUI Lawyer Erica Bansmer is here to assist you. Our office is available to assist you at any time at 209-474-2400.

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