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Domestic Violence Abuse
Dec, 03 2014

California Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence is one of our many areas of practice and our legal team has built a successful track record of defending our clients against domestic violence charges. The state of California is very clear on its laws against domestic violence and the penalties attached to this criminal activity. Under California domestic violence law, the definition of “abuse” is stated as:

    • Physically hurting or trying to hurt someone, intentionally or recklessly;
    • Sexual assault;
    • Making someone reasonably afraid that they or someone else are about to be seriously hurt (like threats or promises to harm someone); OR
    • Behavior like harassing, stalking, threatening, or hitting someone; disturbing someone’s peace; or destroying someone’s personal property.

California Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Once you’ve been accused of domestic violence in California the implications can quickly destroy your credibility and have a negative impact on your reputation. Crimes such as domestic violence and sexual assault often have an instant accusation of guilt and can ruin your personal and professional life. Be prepared to fight back against these unfair accusations and secure an experienced criminal defense attorney to stand on your behalf.

At Bansmer Law, we understand the stress and hardships that are commonly attached to criminal charges. Our aggressive and compassionate legal team works tirelessly to defend each clients’ rights against domestic violence charges. If you’ve been charged with a domestic violence offense we recommend that you speak with an attorney before speaking to anyone, including the police. Domestic violence cases can be complex and have many layers of emotional factors to cut through to reach the facts. Do not discuss your case with anyone until you have retained experienced legal counsel to represent your best interests.

If you are ever involved in a situation involving domestic assault charges, contact Stockton Domestic Violence Attorney Erica Bansmer immediately at 209-474-2400 to discuss your legal matters.

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