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What To Do When Charged with a Criminal Offense
Oct, 24 2014

Being arrested and charged with a crime can be a scary experience. Often the accused is unsure of their rights, leaving them vulnerable and unsure of the next steps. Unfortunately, there are times when law enforcement officers may use intimidation in hopes of getting a confession of guilt. We suggest remaining silent until your criminal defense attorney arrives and advises you in the best way to handle your specific case.

Our firm is consistent in staying two steps ahead to position you for a better chance at beating your charges. Utilizing the most of our time gathering evidence and breaking down your case provides a level of leverage that most criminal defense attorneys fall short of providing. At Bansmer Law, our clients are the top priority, and we work tirelessly defending their rights. If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense and would like to discuss your case with Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney Bansmer, contact our office today. Call (209)474-2400.

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Stockton Family Court

  • The Stockton Family Court is a division of the Superior Court Of California.
  • The main responsibility of the Stockton Family Court is to settle matters pertaining to Child Custody.
  • Family Court services also include an orientation program for parents and modifying existing child custody agreements.