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Operation: Decoy Shoulder Tap – Alcohol To Minors
Mar, 15 2016

Sting Arrests 340 People Giving Alcohol To Minors

In an effort to reduce the availability of alcohol to minors all through the state of California Operation: Decoy Shoulder Tap was conducted Saturday. Almost 80 difference sheriff and police departments worked hand in hand with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to catch individuals and store who sell to or purchase alcohol for minors.

16 Arrested In San Joaquin County

Throughout our own San Joaquin County, there were 16 arrests along with a handful of citations for the crimes of providing alcohol to minors. In the rest of Northern California 14 people were detained in Placer County, 6 in El Dorado, and 3 in Yolo County these numbers were reported by the Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The process for the sting was simple. The CDABC positioned an underage minor outside of a liquor store and had the minor ask people entering to purchase them alcohol. If the adult agreed and gave alcohol to the minor, they were placed under arrest.

$340,000 In Fines To Be Paid

With a total of 416 citations given out across the state, it seems to have been a great success considering 340 of them were for furnishing alcohol to minors. The rest of the citations given were for possession of illegal drugs, outstanding warrants, and other crimes. 340 citations translate to 8160 hours of community service and $340,000 in fines paid to the state.

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