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5 California DUI Myths
Aug, 19 2016

5 California DUI Myths – Law Office Of Erica M. Bansmer

When arrested for a DUI, it is important to consult an attorney as soon as possible.  That is why Attorney Erica M. Bansmer offers consultations.  You want to do what is best for your case.  Making decisions based on rumors is very dangerous.  Here are 5 California DUI myths.

#1 If I Did Not Take a Chemical Test, I Cannot Be Convicted of a DUI

5 California DUI MythsOne of the 5 California DUI myths is that refusing a chemical test can prevent a DUI conviction.  Many people think a chemical test result, such as a breathalyzer result, is the only convict-able evidence.  Police observation is a powerful courtroom tool.  If the officer testifies that you exhibited intoxicated behavior, you can still be convicted.

#2 I Blew Below .08 on a Breathalyzer, So I will Not Be Arrested

Another one of the 5 California DUI myths is that you cannot be charged with a DUI if your BAC registers under .08 on a breathalyzer.  The myth is not true.

You can still be charged with a DUI if:

  • The officer says you are on drugs
  • You are then given a blood test, which places your BAC at .08 or higher
  • The office still says your driving is impaired

However, registering a BAC under .08 will help your defense.  During a consultation, Erica can tell you more.

#3 I Have a High Tolerance to Alcohol, So Taking a Field Sobriety Test Will Clear Me

Number 3 of the 5 California DUI myths is that passing a field sobriety test will prevent a chemical test.  It is never advisable to take a field sobriety test.  Unlike chemical tests, field sobriety tests are not legally required.  They are unreliable and can be used against sober people.

#4 I Have Read a Lot About DUI Defense, So I Don’t Need an Attorney

The next of 5 California DUI myths is that personal research can compensate for a law degree.  The myth is false.  DUI attorneys have a knowledge base and personal experience that cannot be learned through personal reading.  Attorney Erica M. Bansmer has dedicated her career to knowing the laws and the California judicial system.  It is not enough to read about the laws.  You must observe their enforcement first hand.

#5 All DUI attorneys are the same

The last of the 5 California DUI myths is that all attorneys will provide you equal representation.  It’s very untrue.  It is important to find an attorney who is:

  • Experienced
  • Hard Working
  • Knowledgeable

Attorney Erica M. Bansmer is committed to providing clients with the best possible defense.  She will work hard, using her experience and knowledge to help you.  Call 209-474-2400 for a consultation.  Let Erica protect your rights.

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