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3 Tips for Navigating Your Family Through Divorce
Jan, 07 2015

Sometimes divorce can be a complex process involving a whirlwind of emotions and decisions to be made. Our Stockton family law office helps clients sojourn difficult family issues on a daily basis. We understand the impact undertaking the pressure of divorce can make on your children and your family. Here are a few tried and true tips to help you navigate the process and maintain a sense of normalcy throughout the case.

1- Talk It Through With Your Children.
One of the biggest misconceptions parents sometimes have when going through a divorce is that the children are unaware of what’s going on. Even at very early stages of life most children are very discerning to their family dynamics and what’s going on around them. Often times they do not have a positive and safe outlet to work through those observations. Be sure to keep the line of communication open with your children. Reassure them that your love for them will never change and the divorce is a completely isolated circumstance. Most importantly reassure them of each parents love for them. Sometimes divorce cases can be very complex making it difficult for you to speak with your children regarding the divorce decisions. In this case seek professional counsel to provide a safe place for your child to process these difficult life events.

2- Do Your Homework.
Preparation is key for maximizing your time with the legal counsel you’ve retained. Create a master list itemizing all of your possessions and assets. Include all items regardless of who the believed owner may be, you or your spouse. Gather any financial records related to the income sources of your marriage. For example, collect any paystubs, profit and loss statements, pension disbursements, alimony, social security or child support payments received by either party. This initial collection of documents will prove to be very helpful down the road when creating your official financial affidavit.

3- Retain a Compassionate and Experienced Divorce Lawyer.
Retaining an experienced lawyer can be the differentiating factor between reaching the goals you’ve set for your divorce. A well-versed divorce attorney will be prepared to guide you through the entire process of your divorce. Balancing compassion with strategic legal strategies should be their top priority. Before retaining your divorce lawyer be sure to research their track record and ask around regarding their reputation. Taking the time to do this at the beginning of your process will impact the outcome of your divorce tremendously.

If you’re in need of a Divorce Attorney in the Stockton area contact Attorney Erica M. Bansmer for a consultation. She’ll help you understand the legal processes of divorce and family law.

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